Why CRM.MD ?

CRM.MD stands out from other CRM systems due to its versatility, ease of customization, and quick start.

Lead management

Create forms and automatically receive leads into your CRM from your website. Assign responsible parties, set tasks, track lead movement through the sales funnel, record all data, forming commercial proposals, notes, and much more.

Customer management

Manage customers, generate invoices and contracts, track payments. Input all necessary customer information by creating various types of fields for further recording. Generate reconciliation statements and record expenses. Add contacts to the customer and provide them with separate free access to client area.

Task management

Create and assign recurring or one-time tasks to leads, clients, invoices, payments, or documents. Track time, comment and discuss tasks, set up notifications, and track them. Set priorities and specify deadlines.

Project management

Effectively manage projects and the process of working on the client’s project. Monitor expenses and time spent on tasks. Divide the project into stages, distribute tasks, and visually monitor the work process in a Gantt chart. Implement the project using CRM.MD’s ERP capabilities and much more.

Manage products and services

Add your own products or services by categories or without, to quickly and conveniently select them from the list when creating an invoice or commercial proposal, specifying the discount, currency, payment method, and conditions.

Document management

Generate invoices and commercial proposals in just a few seconds! Send a link to the client via email or print the document. Upload templates for various contracts, statements, and other documents, define masks, and automatically generate documents in an unlimited number!

Analyzes reports

Monitor reports to effectively manage the company: reports on invoices, sales reports, received payments, report on proposals, report on estimates, report on customers. Charts based on reports, total revenue, payment methods (payments), total amount per customer groups.

Convenience, functionality and security

Convenient and easy on your phone. Expand functionality with additional modules. Safe and confidential – through weekly backups, secure server, and the ability to export/import any data at any time. We operate under a licensing agreement, we are not entitled to transfer your data to third parties or use it for our own purposes. The confidentiality of your data is very important to us.

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