Planning, time tracking, financial accounting, document workflow, and team collaboration, providing flexibility and transparency in all work processes.

Project and task management

Creating and organizing projects, including assigning teams, setting deadlines, and establishing priorities. Adding, planning, and delegating tasks within projects, with the ability to track status and progress. Using the Kanban board to visualize tasks and manage them by drag and drop.

Time management

Ability to track the time spent on completing tasks using a built-in timer. Maintaining a detailed timesheet for work on projects and tasks.

Financial management

Creating estimates and financial planning for projects. Tracking expenses and revenues associated with projects. Invoicing and integration with the accounting module for full control over the financial flow of projects.

Documentation and files

Centralized storage of all project-related documents, files, and media, with easy access and collaboration capabilities. Management of document versions and the ability to add comments for effective collaboration.

Reports and analytics

Detailed reports on projects, including task performance analysis, time management, and financial indicators. Flexible filters and reporting settings for obtaining useful data and metrics that contribute to making informed decisions.

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