CRM.MD is a secure cloud service based on team collaboration. All data will be stored securely and access to it will be strictly limited based on established user permissions.

Your data is secure

Users of CRM.MD can safely use the service in public places such as cafes, shopping centers, or airports, connecting via public Wi-Fi or mobile networks, without fear of password leakage due to protection against unauthorized access.

CRM.MD ensures data transmission security through 256-bit encryption and SSL certificate, eliminating the risk of intercepting confidential information and safeguarding corporate data.

Data centers — are located within the territory of Moldova

The portals of CRM.MD, created in the .MD zone, are hosted on leased capacities in data centers located on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, owned by „GLOBAL NETWORK TECHNOLOGY” SRL.

The data centers are equipped with uninterrupted power supply systems, technical security, round-the-clock monitoring, and other equipment necessary for reliable, continuous, and most importantly, very fast operation of CRM.MD.

Uninterrupted operation 24/7

To ensure uninterrupted operation of the service, two separate data centers are engaged on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, providing automated and partially manual response to emergency situations.

The system regularly creates backup copies at different levels with the possibility of restoration in multiple scenarios, while maintaining continuous data duplication in both data centers in real-time.

Security guarantee for documents

Don’t worry about the security of your work files: even if your computer is affected by viruses, CRM.MD will ensure their safety by regularly creating backups and storing them in a secure cloud storage. In case your computer is infected with malware and you can’t restore the files with antivirus software, you can always recover the necessary documents from the cloud.

Proactive protection

CRM.MD guarantees a high level of protection against a wide range of cyber threats. The built-in proactive filter (WAF – web application firewall) reliably protects against the majority of attacks targeting web applications.

The WAF system effectively filters and blocks threats from incoming requests from users, preventing unauthorized access and malicious intrusions.

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